Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain Countertops

Porcelain countertops are stain and scratch resistant. It’s so hard that it’s the most resistant material to nicks, scratching, or other damages, and it’s also heat-resistant.

Porcelain countertops are extremly durabile, even more than granite or Quartz and maintenance free.

Porcelain is not porous, so it is the least susceptible to stains and it is easy to clean.

Porcelain slabs are offered in all colors and they can be made to look like natural stone or other pattern you desire. Porcelain slabs don’t oxidize or change color over time.

Porcelain countertops are thinner lighter than stone or Quartz countertops but porcelain slab is 30% stronger than granite!

When you install porcelain slab, you know that your countertop will last the lifetime of your home.

Porcelain slabs are only about 1cm to 2cm thick. Thinner porcelain slab can be installed right over an existing countertop material!

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